Conference Films

Conference filming is an art form that 2.0 Productions have perfected over the last 6 years. From large award ceremonies in the centre of London to small regional events, no conference is too big or too small. 2.0 Productions provide an experienced crew, top of the range equipment and above all, a clear understanding of the client’s needs when the day of the conference arrives.

What’s Important?

It is vital that the filming at a conference enhances the message being delivered, and the reputation of the speaker. Care is taken during filming and editing to ensure that information and knowledge is disseminated as intended, and that the speaker is comfortable with their delivery.

How do we do it?

Pre-talk briefings, multiple cameras, Powerpoint re-builds and ghost edits are a few of the techniques and services applied by 2.0Productions to deliver the best record of your conference. Closely supporting the conference organisers and speakers is always a top priority for 2.0, however on the day we are aware the client wants us to be invisable, supporting the conference, not adding to their workload.

How will my conference films look?

We have a number of preset options that clients can chose from for the presentation of their conference films. The choices made depend on the support materials being used,  and their importnace in convaying the speakers message. Three possible options are demonstrated below.

Conference films from 2.0 Productions

How can 2.0 Productions take my conference one step further?

Once the films of your conference have been produced and hosted online they are ready for audiences all over the world to engage in and take part, and it’s the taking part that counts. But at times being absent from the conference or unaccustomed to the subject can leave some people feeling a little disconnected. With 2.0 Productions Interactive Video taking part really means taking part. Add download buttons to the video to enable access to the slideshow and support documents. Add animated hyperlinks that pop up whenever a website or blog is mentioned. Integrate share buttons to invite others, or text boxes to access personal information direct from your viewers. With 2.0 Productions your conference is only the beginning.

Who has experienced 2.0 Productions and Interactive Video?

  • HEFCE - The Higher Education Funding Council for England
  • The Institute of Physics
  • Exeter University
  • University College London
  • E-Skills UK
  • Likeminds – Connecting Innovative Thinkers
  • SWERCOTS - Trading Standards Partnership South West
  • Devon County Council

...and more.