Interactive Video

Is high quality video enough to satisfy your audience, and deliver your business objectives? Interactive Video integrates contextual hyperlinks, downloadable materials, questions and email options into your film. These functions encourage viewers to be more proactive in their viewing behavior. Interactive Video gives viewer’s a voice.

What’s the scope of 2.0 Interactive Video?

2.0 Productions have delivered interactive videos in a number of contexts.

Case studies / information films - in this setting, interaction is used to enable the viewer to access more information than can be supplied visually within the film. This information can be maintained separately to the video itself, thus ensuring that the advice is always current. Question module’s can also be integrated to test the viewers understanding, or to switch between videos streams enabling the viewer to watch different video choices.

Below is a list of some of the interactive technologies our clients have used.

  • Chapter navigation
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Download buttons and hyperlink buttons
  • Pause and continue question screens with assigned tasks and hidden answers
  • On screen notifications to correct dated information
  • Multi function menus and submenus

Who saw the opportunities that 2.0 Interactive Video can provide?

  • Devon County Council
  • Devon Road Safety
  • Devon and Cornwall Business Council
  • Trading Standards Partnership South West
  • Cambridge and Peterborough NHS trust
  • Likeminds – Connecting Innovative Thinkers

...and more.