Web Development

2.0 develops intranets and extranets for public sector clients. These total business solutions are tailored to work within the context of local authority technology environments.

2.0 Ltd solutions focus on:

- Accessibility

- Usability

- Sustainability

We develop solutions that operate effectively and efficiently. Our clients particularly value the systems we create for their positive impact on business management and development.

Recent major developments include :

Extranet solution

Project title: Collaborative extranet.

Client: South West Regulators

Objective: To improve regional coordination, and reduce the need for face to face meetings in order for officers to collaborate.

OS: Drupal - Open Atrium

Key functions:

- Project management tools

- Collaboraion tools

- Discussion groups

- Document resource bank

What the client says:

The extranet enables interdisciplinary collaboration on our projects. The platform has proved to be robust and easy to access across a range of local authority equipment. The platform has been regularly updated and well maintained by 2.0, and proved to be a  sustainable asset to the business.

Event booking module

Project title: Events module

Client: Trading standards East Midlands

Objectives: To automate the delegate process of booking events, giving feedback. Reduce the administrative time to run events, to improve the percentage of delegates who leave feedback and reduce the time taken to produce certificates for course attendees.

OS: Drupal

Key functions:

- Event booking

- Production of trainer register

- Collation of delegate feedback

- Produce delegate certificates for event attendance - used as evidence for CPD.

What the client says:

Improved efficiency, reduce administrative workloads and delegate certificates are always generated on time.

Management information system for CPD

Project title: Competence module

Client : South West Trading Standards.

Objective: To provide a workflow for managers to authorise CPD, and officers to submit it. For managers to plan training based on current skills and levels of service required. For regional coordination to manage cross authority issues and provide resources accordingly.

OS: Drupal

Key functions:

- Officers book CPD against Events

- Managers review CPD submissions and approve / reject with comments.

- Managers monitor CPD against required levels of officer skills for the next year.

- Region and Heads of service monitor performance and capacity across the region to ensure efficiency and compliance

What the client says:

This app gives regional coordinators and heads of service the knowledge to make strategic management decisions, without this system this information was not available.