eLearning resources
2.0 Ltd produce video training resources
– Hosted with global content distribution network
– Video available on multiple platforms, including mobile
– All aspects of video production undertaken in house.
– Video content is designed to be easy to update and keep current.
2.0 Ltd produce resource banks and glossaries
– Recognising the need to provide additional information for students.

Recent projects

Project title: Import Control
Client : Food Standards Agency
Objective: Develop eLearning resource
Key functions:
– Interactive training video
– Resource bank to support training
– Forum for student interaction
What the client says:
Used by in excess of 300 officers the eLearning resource has been well received and continues to provide value for money training for feed officers.
eLearning platform
2.0 Ltd have developed in house a bespoke eLearning platform delivering the folloing:
– Testing – with automatic marking for users.
– Certificates – automatically generated for users to prove their results.
– Reporting for managers so they are aware who has and who has not taken exams they have been entered for.
– Security – A secure system with each user having their own account and record of their performance.
– The sites are clearly branded and focus on easy of use for both users and managers.

Project title: IOM
Client: National Trading Standards
Objective: Deploy eLearning resources developed by National Trading Standards on eLearning platform developed by 2.0 Ltd.
Operating system: Drupal
Key functions:
– Video hosting with CDN
– Students testing with automated marking.
– Resource bank to support training
– Secure platform for content hosting.
What the client says:
Implemented to a tight time scale, meets all our requirements.

Project title: No Proof of Age No Sale Toolkit
Client : South West Trading Standards
Objective: Develop MIS and LMS for toolkit which guides managers on their legal responsibilities regarding underage sales. Managers need to know that their business is compliant, and what action is required to maintain compliance. Staff need to be trained and tested. The platform fills these objectives.
Operating system: Drupal
Key functions:
– Managers setup a store, and staff within it, they also select the areas that staff require training in.
– Staff login and complete training and are then tested on their knowledge.
– Managers have reports on staff test performance.Where stores are part of a group, group managers have an overview of stores performance and the staff within them.